One paragraph review: Jesus Christ Superstar

Evan Tyrone Martin plays Jesus of Nazareth in Paramount Theatre’s Jesus Christ Superstar. Set design by Kevin Depinet. Lights by Greg Hofmann. Costumes by Theresa Ham. Projections by Mike Tutaj. Performances are April 19-May 28, 2017. Tickets: or (630) 896-6666 Photo credit: Liz Logan

You could close your eyes and listen to the entire performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar” now being performed at Paramount Theatre in Aurora and still give it a standing ovation. It’s just that beautiful. I could say that I’ve never heard such amazing voices on the Paramount stage, but I think it’s more a matter of the Tim Rice/Andrew Lloyd Webber magic being perfectly cast by the Paramount’s creative team. Standing O to all of you. Singing is star in this gorgeous and original performance of “Jesus Christ Superstar.” In 2017, I appreciate the all-black cast and director Ron Kellum’s vision. Kellum brings a little more heart to the production. I’m only used to seeing the movie, which is a favorite in our house, so it was almost like seeing it for the first time at the Paramount. Jesus, played by Evan Tyrone Martin, and Judas, played by Mykal Kilgore, put such emotion into their roles that you could feel the bond and felt the pain as it broke. Avionce Hoyles is incredible as Annas and King Herod. You’ll definitely want to open your eyes for the King Herod brilliance and some fun spectacle. Mary, played by Felicia Boswell, and Pontius Pilate, played by Rufus Bonds, Jr. give heartfelt performances that amplify the wretched story. Paramount’s “Jesus Christ Superstar” will take you to church for the night with no guilt and all glory. Amen!

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