To new mayor: Discussions, listening encouraged

Richard Irvin was sworn in as Mayor of Aurora on May 9. Photo by David Lewis.

I didn’t endorse a mayoral candidate. That decision was intentional. I need to work with the Mayor to keep improving downtown Aurora.


Richard Irvin defeated Rick Guzman with a vote lead of about 170. It’s not a landslide victory, but it’s one that Guzman did not challenge. Irvin is the Mayor-elect and is currently working with his transition team. He will take office on May 9.


After winning, Irvin was quoted as saying that Aurora believed in him.


More recently, I read that Irvin’s transition team plans on holding two town hall meetings to record resident comments. Irvin said that citizens can contribute ideas and recommendations for consideration.


I’m encouraged that our Mayor-elect is forming partnerships and working with citizens. In an election that ended with a slim lead, it’s vital to acknowledge the lack of mandate and the necessity of working with others in the best interest of the city.


What is clear to me is that Aurorans have many of the same goals, and working together is of utmost importance in a time of political dismay. We all love our city, and I’m happy to hear that our new Mayor is listening to us.


As an advocate of Aurora’s vibrant, historically-rich downtown, I am excited to participate in an active conversation that brings many people to the table to discuss important issues relevant to our community. I also look forward to working with an engaged team on the 3rd floor of City Hall.


Yes, we will have a new administration in a few weeks, but there will be the same familiar faces running downtown businesses and museums everyday.


I’ll see the same friendly smiles at River’s Edge Cafe when I order a coffee, and I’ll say hi to Ramona when I enter the wonderful world of SciTech Hands On Museum. It’ll be Tim’s hearty laugh that greets me at If These Walls Could Talk, and Pete’s wave when I walk past All Spoked Up on Downer.


So when it comes to visions, I invite the new administration to visit the members of our community that know it best. Politics aside, those are the voices that matter. Those are the voices that should be heard.
Congratulations to Irvin for his win. I look forward to a dynamic discussion on ways to keep downtown Aurora moving forward while maintaining its amazing history and urban sensibility.

Editor’s note: This editorial first appeared in The Voice prior to Richard Irvin’s inauguration. Irvin is now the Mayor of Aurora after being sworn in on Tuesday, May 9 at Paramount Theatre in downtown Aurora. It was noted in The Beacon News that the first Town Hall meeting is to be rescheduled. 

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