Yummy event: Food Truck Festival brings thousands to downtown Aurora

The 2nd annual Food Truck Festival hosted by Aurora Downtown filled Benton Street’s east and west bridges with food vendors and people on May 5. Photos by Jason Arthur.



The old library at 1 E. Benton is now occupied by Support Techs. The company turned the lower level into an art gallery that was open for First Fridays.












The Swimming Stones made a fun play feature for young foodies.




The recently renovated Mayan apartment building on the corner of Benton and Stolp was a beautiful backdrop on the festivities.


Modest Coffee serves up cold and hot coffee at the Food Truck Festival. The local coffee brewers are partnering with The Yetee to open Public Access at the corner of Downer and Stolp.









Aurora Downtown, a nonprofit group of downtown business and property owners within SSA #One, hosts the annual event. The Food Truck Festival coincides with the First Fridays in May.

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