Modest Coffee Artist Series features Angel Perez

Modest Coffee announced the third featured artist in their Artist Series is now available in limited quantities. The featured artist is Angel E. Perez, of Aurora, with his artwork titled “Cutty Bear” being used for the front label and included vinyl sticker.

Modest Coffee asks the featured artist for their preference in coffee flavors and then creates a unique roast to suit their tastes.

The idea behind the series is collaboration between artist and artisan, said owner Marcus Contaldo.

“We ask our artist to create the artwork for the front label and then have the artwork turned into a vinyl sticker which is included with every purchase. This gives our customers the ability to experience the artist’s taste in coffee and expression in art,” he said. 

This volume marks the first time that the featured artist has a strong dislike of coffee. Angel requested that Modest Coffee work with his wife Christy, a self-described “coffee fiend” to find a coffee with a mellow flavor, and an extra kick to “help wake everyone up on those dreaded days that end with ‘y’.”

The coffee selected is from a region of Peru known for producing high quality coffee. The flavor notes are described as chocolate, smooth, marshmallow and s’more’s.

The initial quantity is limited to 50 and is expected to sell out quickly.

About Angel Perez:

Angel E. Perez was born and raised in Aurora, IL, and moved to the far west boonies over 10 years ago. He married his high school sweetheart, Christy, and lives with 3 dogs, two geckos, and a snake named Mango. 

His artwork is described by him as, “stuff I like to draw,” although other folks tend to say he is “a pretty good drawer.” Angel loves animals, and much of his work is private commissions of people’s dogs, cats, and other pets. 

He does have a bothersome allergy to working with color, so most of his work is in black and white, or grayscale. 

Angel’s Modest Coffee design ‘Cutty Bear,’ is India ink on paper, in a mostly cross hatch style. He tries to put a twist on all of his drawings, and here he takes a loveable and cuddly pair of scissors, being held by an over-caffeinated (and possibly rabid) Teddy bear running at the viewer with them.

About Modest Coffee:

Modest Coffee launched in the fall of 2013 as a coffee startup and nationwide coffee delivery service for single origin coffee. At launch Modest Coffee set out to accomplish three goals:

  1. To support sustainable growing practices by sourcing from higher quality coffee producers.
    2. To use minimal and environmentally friendly packaging.
    3. To provide extra value by offering free shipping on coffee.

Since launch their customer base has grown to serve customers all across the country. In 2016, Modest Coffee released a bottled cold brew product and a delivery service for kegs of their nitrogen infused cold brew. Modest Coffee works with artists, brewers, and people to make great coffee more accessible to drinkers everywhere.

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