Community Flocks to ‘Draw on the Wall’ to Create Temporary Public Art in Aurora

Draw on the Wall, Aurora

Draw on the Wall, a community art project kicked off by Aurora Mural Project (AMP), welcomed locals to create art on West Downer Place in mid-March. More than 50 came out to the wall to draw with permanent markers and chalk. Art varied from “tagging” to a likeness of Marie Wilkinson.

draw mural 2

Art teacher Grahame Wilkins worked for hours on a chalk portrait of Marie Wilkinson, a revered civic leader in Aurora.

draw mural 3

Two Washington Middle School students added anime and other fun art to the wall. Their art teacher, Samantha Oulavong, offered extra credits to students for participating.

draw mural 4

Some of Aurora’s youth had a chance to create public art. The temporary mural was a chance for all ages to join together and be part of the Aurora Mural Project.

draw mural 5

Silhouettes of Aurorans grace the Downer Place wall, along with unicorns, peace signs, cats, dinosaurs, and sentiments.

draw mural 6

Artist Josh Schultz, of Oswego, is part of the Aurora Mural Project and will help create the permanent mural for the wall this spring. Alderman Mike Saville, listening to Ward 6 resident Rebekah Axtell, stopped by the wall to see how things were shaping up. The wall is in Saville’s ward.

draw mural 7

Toward the end of the day, the wall was filled with lines and color. In six hours, the wall was turned from a peeling gray retaining wall into a welcoming and vibrant work of art. The temporary mural will last until the wall is prepped for the permanent mural. AMP hopes to unveil the wall by Memorial Day.

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  1. This was such a fun event! It’s amazing how this drew out so many friends and neighbors out on a Saturday afternoon to make art and spend time together. My daughter loved it too. Great job to everyone who helped make this happen!

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